concept and dance Daniele Albanese

original music Luca Nasciuti 

light design Alessio Guerra

artistic assistant Yele Canali

promotion Francesca Divano


2019 residencies and support: Masque Teatro, Forlì / July | C.u.r.a. Indisciplinarte, Terni / July | CID, Rovereto / October

thanks to Silvia Albanese for the collaboration


Home represents the return to a solo creation mode.

The concept of home as a safe and welcoming place collides with the imagery of war and the idea of escaping from one’s own original land, in search of an unknown “elsewhere”.

A marginal, blurred, ever changing character is portrayed within a desert landscape. Dance is conceived by the fortuitous presence of a body in a specific place and surges from the settlement of this very body in that very place.

Home is therefore an occasion to explore a scenic activity that is theatrical and choreographic at the same time: the performer creates a flow of transformations through a constant – hence choreographic – moving forward within a theatrical context through a continuous passage from the level of representation to the one that raises questions about the representation.

In Home language generates from the interstitial space between words and gestures, thus triggering reflections upon dance as a language with particular reference to philosopher José Gil’s concept of body as a “floating signifier”.

In a liquid, multiform and transformist context as contemporary world is, language has maybe become our sole real home.


The performance is not a self-standing, autonomous object, but rather a dialogue between the performer and the audience. This scenic modality allows Home to be presented in non-theatrical contexts and to experiment new ways through which the project can be enjoyed.


DEBUT:  2020 / second half of