A duet with Daniele Albanese and Eva Karczag

promo video: https://vimeo.com/273831640

research, movement scores and dance Daniele Albanese, Eva Karczag

original music Luca Nasciuti

light design Fabio Sajiz

technician ‌Marco‌ ‌Gigliotti‌

promotion Francesca Divano

production Nanou Associazione Culturale

Performance created within the context of Birds Flocking Project

with the support of MIBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna, Fondazione Teatro Due – Parma, Petrella ’18 ’19 – Longiano, ResiDance XL 2018/Anticorpi XL, ATER – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare dell’Emilia Romagna, Europa Teatri – Parma

Elsewhere is a performance, but also a frame in which to reflect upon a space that is being somewhere else and yet here.It’s an inquiry into the invisible communication between the dancers, between dancers and space, between organization and freedom.

The duet represents an evolution of Birds Flocking Project that condenses shared researches and creative processes arisen from the fascination with the complex trajectories that flocks of birds create.

Choreography confronts the opposite polarities of structure/freedom, form/direction to define each action, while the intricacies of movement collide with the impossibility of a precise notation.

The concepts of flying and migration are a starting point to unveil the mingled imagery of our contemporary world made of different languages and contexts, where liquid borders foster exchange.

Duration: 50 minutes

The first encounter with Eva Karczag dates back in 1993, when Daniele Albanese started attending the European Dance Development Center in Arnhem where she is was a staff-teacher. After more than twenty years they decided to embark on a shared path of creation and research that led to Birds Flocking Project in 2017 and subsequently evolved into the duet Elsewhere.

BIO Eva Karczag